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Could you be due a tax refund? Are you being taxed correctly? No refund, NO FEE!

ettle our fee after you receive your refund, do not delay, let us check for you and claim back what is yours!

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It is very likely that you will be due a tax refund if:
  • you were only employed for part of the tax year
  • you retired part way through the tax year
  • you're a student and only worked in the holidays
  • you were made redundant and couldn't get another job
  • you left the UK
  • you have had more than one employer during a tax year
  • your employer was using the wrong tax code or you were paying basic rate tax (tax code BR)
  • you have work related expenses to claim
  • you arrived in the UK from overseas

If you're self-employed, you have to make 'payments on account' of your next year's tax bill.

You might have paid more than you have to if:

  • you stopped work during the tax year
  • you work in the construction industry (CIS)
  • you have tax deductible expenses to claim

Other circumstances where a refund may be due:
  • Your main or only source of income is savings income
  • Your total income for the tax year was less than £10,000
We can look back many years so if you think a refund is due, let us claim it for you.

HMRC to issue six million tax rebates averaging £400 totalling £2.5bn to be sent to people who paid too much tax as far back as 2003

Time limits for claiming tax refunds through PAYE, tax relief for work related expenses & overpaid self assessment tax

           Tax Year         Tax Yr Ends   Deadline                                     
5 April 2017
5 April 2021
5 April 2018 5 April 2022
5 April 2019 5 April 2023
2019/20 5 April 2020
5 April 2024

   Do not let the taxman earn interest on your money!

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